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I help brands discover their story and connect with their audience. Forget the usual campaign strategy, I want to create a conversation. Successful brands don’t talk at their audience, they listen and respond. I want to make people feel your brand and develop an emotional connection. It’s not just about ‘writing content’ anymore, it’s about telling your story through key messages in a way that your audience can personally relate to.

Traveling is important to me so I work remotely with businesses all over the world. We’ll stay connected through Skype, email and social media.


As you can see on this site…I write blogs. Blogging is important for SEO and showing your thought leadership. I’ll help you find unique stories to write about or feature on your website to build trust with your audience.

Social Media

Social media is integral for connecting with your customers. Your accounts should be active multiple times per week and you should be engaging with people online. I create relevant and engaging content for your accounts to show your expertise and industry awareness.

I can also train you on best practices for social media and automation to make your life easier. Sometimes you just need the right tools to get on the right track.

Working with the media

My degree is in Public Relations and Strategic Communication but, oddly enough, I didn’t learn much about actual pitching to the media and writing press releases. While working with startups in Bali, I had an intensive session with an experienced PR agency founder to learn the best practices of working with the media and getting coverage in the media.  Together we’ll develop your story and different angles to pitch to   the media. I can also assist you in building a targeted media list to contact journalists and editors.

Strategic Consulting

As I mentioned before, I put together communication strategies for brands to achieve their goals. I can also assist with brand development, risk and crisis management and internal communications.

Guest Blog

Looking for a guest blogger? I’d love to – as long as it’s a person, product, service or brand that I can truly get behind.

Looking to guest blog? See above.

Interested? Say hello here. 

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