For When You Feel Sad About the World 

July 15, 2016
unity and strength

I have been filled with negative emotions lately. Our world seems like it’s in a social regression and I feel helpless. I’m heartbroken for lives that have been lost and outraged for those targeted with discrimination and hate. I am unbelievably lucky and privileged to have the life and circumstances I do.

Let’s make it simple. We’re all humans. We all experience a range of emotions each day. Humans are inherently good. There might be people who say hateful things and do cruel things but I don’t think any human is pure evil. Those same people have families they’re trying to feed. Those same people have insecurities. Those same people feel hurt, loved, angry or joyous at any given moment. Those same people do good things too. Their perception of their actions might be completely different. I watched a video recently that described who we may see as ‘bad guys’, those ‘bad guys’ see themselves as the Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo fighting against Darth Vader. In most cases, we all think we’re the good guys.

While we should be aware of the dangers and sadness of the world, we can’t let it take over. The world is an incredibly vast and magnificent place.

So in this time of turmoil, I’ve put together a list.

A list of articles, videos and images to remind you what an incredible place our earth is. Don’t ever forget how special and fantastic and magical you are. And how freaking cool other humans are.

I’ll keep updating it. So please send me any links to things that make you happy or feel hopeful about the world. Thanks to those of you who sent me your suggestions already!

Just remember – we don’t usually hear about the cops actually doing their job and protecting us. Or the people showing love, helping those in need or making or difference. The media seeks out the bad and tries to scare us. We don’t hear about the people on the street doing good because that’s not news. Fear and anger are stronger than happy. Luckily social media has given us the opportunity to share these wonderful stories. It’s given us the power to change the narrative, even if only just a little.

Enjoy, you beautiful humans.

We Asked a Bunch of Hippies at a Festival In the Costa Rican Jungle About the Key to Happiness

Old Motels Get New Life Helping Homeless Heal

How I Became A Minor Celebrity in China (After My Stolen Phone Ended Up There)

In pictures: Criscent Bwambale sees for the first time in Uganda

Man Teaches Homeless Woman to Read During His Lunch Breaks

Meet Mosha, the Elephant With a Prosthetic Leg

29 Breathtaking Photographs Of The Human Race

Community donates car and more after thieves steal vehicle with child’s wheelchair inside

This Photographer Takes Fun Portraits of People After One, Two and Three Glasses of Wine

Jimmy Fallon’s ‘SNL 40’ After Party Story Is So Crazy It Has To Be True

‘Thank you for much’: Syrian girl’s first Canada Day

This Target Employee’s Pre-Black Friday Pep Talk Is The Most Epic Thing You’ll Ever See

Inmates break free from cell to help ill jailer


I leave you with one final thought. Go into each situation thinking, “This person is doing the best they can.” I promise it will change your perception of situations and how you react to others. See yourself in others. When someone does something you don’t agree with, think, “That’s me. I’ve done that. I’ve felt that. I’ve hurt someone. I’ve said something I didn’t mean. I’ve been ignorant. I hurt. I changed. That’s me.”

Smile at someone today.

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