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Always Go First

Out of all the podcasts and inspirational shiz I listen to, someone once talked about the concept of, “always going first.” I started thinking about this all the time and decided to implement it into my own life. I want to tell you about…

August 20, 2016
unity and strength

For When You Feel Sad About the World 

I have been filled with negative emotions lately. Our world seems like it’s in a social regression and I feel helpless. I’m heartbroken for lives that have been lost and outraged for those targeted with discrimination and hate. I am unbelievably lucky and privileged…

July 15, 2016

4 Tips For Dealing With Homesickness

In the midst of the holiday season, I can’t help but feel homesick. Living abroad is the best thing I’ve ever done, but I’ll admit – it’s difficult at times. It comes in waves, but the holiday season has been the hardest so far.…

December 9, 2015

You Never Get Lonely If You Like Who You Are Alone With

It’s 11:18 p.m. as I begin to write this. I have just returned home from seeing American Sniper with my best friend. I was (and still am) trying to process my emotions after seeing that movie. That is a world I have never experienced or even…

January 19, 2015