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salmon and vege

Lemon Mint Salmon & Veg Roast

One of the pleasures of living in Nelson, New Zealand is the easy access to quality seafood. Salmon has become one of my favorite fish and I love experimenting with new recipes. 2 large (or 3 medium) potatoes, chopped 1 red onion, chopped 4 tbsp…

January 24, 2016

Guacamole & Pita Chips Recipe

Pita Chips 8 wholemeal pita bread 1/2 cup olive oil Garlic salt to taste Black pepper to taste 3 pinches of basil Preheat oven to 400 degrees F (200 degrees C). Cut pita bread into eight triangles and pull each piece in half to make…

December 30, 2015
bison statue
Travel with me

An Open Letter To My Herd At NDSU

I’m still not used to calling North Dakota State University my alma mater. As the weekend passed, I saw hundreds of photos and videos from students celebrating NDSU’s Homecoming, leaving me with a flurry of mixed emotions. Almost two months have passed since classes…

October 14, 2015
chocolate oats

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Oat Balls

When I first moved to New Zealand I relapsed on my candy addiction, so I created this recipe to satisfy my sweet tooth without overindulging. — 1 giant bar of dark chocolate (72% or 85% cocoa) 1 cup natural peanut butter 1 cup rolled…

September 21, 2015
New Zealand

Travel Update: Hanmer Springs & Christchurch

As soon as I bought a car I was itching to explore New Zealand. I really haven’t cared about my destination because the scenery is too amazing – I could drive forever. I’ve almost had about a zillion accidents because I’m distracted by the view…

September 9, 2015
Travel with me

6 Reasons You Should Work Abroad

In today’s world, there are so many options for long-term traveling. Aside from hopping on a plane and backpacking your way through Europe, you can study abroad, volunteer with the Peace Corps or similar organization, work on a cruise ship, become an au pair…

September 3, 2015

How To Jump Back Into An Exercise Routine

Before I left for New Zealand, the last time I didn’t work out was probably August. During my Fall semester at North Dakota State University I went to a cycling boot camp class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I ran on…

August 15, 2015
New Zealand

Nelson Update: My First Month Abroad

This week marks one month of me moving to Nelson, New Zealand! Time really flies. Uprooting my life and moving across the world has been difficult at times (not complaining though) so I haven’t been able to give as many updates as I have wanted!…

August 15, 2015
New Zealand

22 of My Favorite Kiwi Slang Terms

It wasn’t long after landing in Nelson, New Zealand that I noticed a difference in the language, especially the slang. I found myself giggling every few minutes, either because I liked the accent or because they said something that sounded silly. My roommates got…

August 13, 2015
New Zealand

Nelson Update: Living With Boys

I know you are all curious as to how I am getting along living with three boys so I thought I would do a little introduction to the wild boys: Cayden, Nathan and Brody. I have a love/hate relationship with the boys. One minute they…

August 7, 2015