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Nelson Update: Living With Boys

August 7, 2015

I know you are all curious as to how I am getting along living with three boys so I thought I would do a little introduction to the wild boys: Cayden, Nathan and Brody.

I have a love/hate relationship with the boys. One minute they are sweet and fun and nice and the next THEY TURN ON ME AND BECOME SAVAGES. They think it’s funny to throw things at me and tackle me. They find it even more hilarious to pin me down and tickle me. My favorite is when they play monkey in the middle by throwing my $700 phone around and over me :-) :-) :-)

They all play rugby. They all eat a lot. Thankfully they aren’t really that smelly.

All the boys call me out on my shit (like how I’m supposed to be living a healthy lifestyle and I have not been demonstrating this at all….oops). I recently had a candy relapse which was devastating but….more on that later. Or how I literally don’t know any history about my own country (we are working on this). The boys don’t like to watch movies with me because apparently I comment/scream/question too much???? Idk.



Living with Cayden is fun because there is never a dull moment. He is kind of like the family baby, he needs constant attention and to refocus him on the task at hand. He has endless energy and likes to be silly. Cayden finds great joy in the fact that I scare easily. He will jump out from behind the door frame or simply just lunge at me, as long as I jump or scream he is satisfied.

I have noticed that there is a reoccurring theme of Cayden dressing up in women’s clothing and going out into public??? Not that there’s a problem with this, I just find it amusing. So far I’ve seen videos and pictures of him walking in heels, in a maid costume, doing a strip tease in lingerie and a wig (he actually won an award on Saturday for this), a photo of him with lipstick on and I also heard a story about him putting on a friend’s thong and wearing it to a local hotel…………


Last night he tried to show me that he could get from the lounge to his bedroom without touching the floor (by climbing on the door frames).



Nathan helped me a lot my first week in New Zealand. He didn’t work much that week so we talked a lot about differences in cultures, movies, sports and we both asked each other a zillion questions. Nathan works with special needs children so we talk have talked a lot about the individuals we work with. He also filled me in on (and never forgets to remind me) how lazy, self-absorbed, gun-lovers Americans are portrayed to be.

Nathan’s mom (or mum, I should say) lives right around the corner and is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She talks really fast and is a really good cook. They also have a dog named Toby who is very cuddly, obedient and, strangely, doesn’t smell like dog.

Nathan watches documentaries and does a lot of reading on the internet. He is very intelligent: he reads, soaks the information in and can easily repeat it back to you in conversation. He is very curious about American culture; specifically he is obsessed with Taco Bell, football, ribs, the government, homemade American meals like meatloaf and sloppy joes. Can you sense a theme???

Nathan eats, sleeps, thinks and breathes rugby. If there is rugby in front of him it is absolutely impossible to talk to him. Nathan is very active in rugby and lifting so he is constantly eating. I’m pretty sure he eats enough for three skinny men per day.

OH! And Nathan likes NDSU football too so I am very excited to have a game-watching buddy.



I’m pretty sure Brody has asked me about one zillion questions since I have arrived. For the first few days we sat in the lounge (aka the living room) while he threw question after question at me. He also quizzes me on things that happen during rugby. I hate this because most times I am not paying attention to what is happening (I have a people watching problem) but I guess I need someone to keep me accountable if I want to learn the sport. Brody works with kids, which I’m pretty sure is how our entire flat got deathly sick for two weeks straight.

Brody demands me to do accents all the time. So far he has requested that I do a southern/country, New Zealand, British, and New York accent. I refuse every time now because I tried and I am absolutely terrible at it.

Brody is very chill and easy to talk to. I think if I were stranded on an island, Brody would definitely be one of the few people I could handle for a long period of time.

Images of Brody and Cayden’s beautiful bromance.


Georgia (not a boy)


I only got to live with Georgia for two weeks and then she left me to work abroad in Australia until December. You know those people that are just so fun and kind and genuine that you can’t believe they are a real human? That’s Georgia. She’s also like the mom of the house so we will be thrilled to have her back. (The boys recently forgot to pay the power bill so the power was shut off……………..)

Georgia has been dating Nathan for six years (plus longer because they were off and on again in their middle school years). Fun fact: Nathan once broke up with Georgia because she got bangs. L O L. They are a very good looking couple and I like them together because they aren’t super lovey dovey and make everyone else uncomfortable.


So…I am surviving living with boys (barely) and they are definitely gonna keep me young (or kill me…that’s possible too). So if you are planning to come visit me in good ‘ole Nelson, New Zealand these boys are for sure gonna be one of the highlights of your trip smile

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