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The Institute of Code

May 10, 2016
Institute of Code

Institute of Code


Ok. Big apologies here. I’ve had many questions and requests for a post about my time in Ubud, Bali at The Institute of Code and I have been putting it off. I usually do a day-by-day timeline post about my trips but I was feeling quite overwhelmed because I packed so much into these ten days and waited too long to write down what we did each day. PLUS, I’m leaving New Zealand next week (*internally cries*) so my life has been fairly hectic. I finally got my shit together to tell you about my life-changing experience at The Institute of Code.

The Institute of Code is a ten-day, all-inclusive bootcamp for learning how to code (more specifically, HMTL, CSS and a bit of jQuery/JavaScript).

Let me start off by saying attending The Institute of Code was the best decision I’ve ever made.


I hated math and science growing up so I often found myself frustrated and giving up before I even got started. I was nervous to learn code because I know how easy it is to become lost and discouraged, especially with technology. So take it from me when I say, LEARNING CODE IS FUN AND RELATIVELY EASY.

Institute of Code

I won’t lie to you, there were times when I wanted to pull my hair out in frustration and couldn’t understand why my site was broken (not looking the way I want, having items go wonky or displaying the code which was supposed to be hidden). Then I would remember I had fantastic mentors available at my becking call. Anytime I had a problem they were able to assist me in problem-solving. It’s nice to have the tools to figure out where I went wrong and how to avoid it in the future. Usually it’s just a missing bracket or quotation mark, so it helps to have an experienced eye quickly scan your site.

It’s UNREAL how much you get for the price. My course was $2250 and, other than flights and souvenirs, everything is covered.

Bali, Indonesia

What’s included: 

9 nights in a luxury pool villa (see above)

Full access to senior-level developers who help you with every teeny tiny aspect of your website

1 Balinese massage (absolute heaven)

DAILY yoga (sometimes even twice per day + HITT if you’re lucky)

A handful of activities including downhill bike tour, paddleboarding, acro yoga and surfing

3 meals per day (plus smoothies and snacks) made by a private chef (I will go into more detail about this because O. M. G.)

Transport from/to the airport

Institute of Code

Institute of Code


Other features not mentioned on the website:

Cool ass classmates

Masterminds (chats with the founders and mentors to hear their story and pick their brain)

Cheap alcoholic drinks

Amazing Indonesian hospitality

Cards Against Humanity

Sweat detox because Bali is so dang hot and humid

A personalized notebook and water bottle


acro yoga


Here’s an idea of what our daily schedule looked like:

6 AM: Yoga by the pool

7 AM: Breakfast

8 AM: Class begins

12 PM: Lunch

1 PM: Class/coding time

3 PM: Afternoon activity

7 PM: Dinner

8 PM: Relax, coding, good chats, games, etc.


Banana Boat Bali


Each day was different due to activities or weather, some days we had activities in the morning and class in the afternoon. My only complaint is I wish I had MORE time coding. I mean, we had so many fun activities but I honestly wish I could have coded more. A great problem to have, amirite? Coding is addicting. I don’t think anyone walks away thinking, “Wow, I definitely got the right amount of coding.” YOU JUST WANT MORE.



Institute of Code

I recommend planning as much of your portfolio as you can ahead of time. I booked my trip extremely last minute and didn’t have much time to prep. If you’re creating a website for your new business or a potential portfolio, research websites you like the style of and write all the copy beforehand. Gather logos, font styles, marketing information ahead of time to make designing your website as easy as possible. This way you won’t worry about content (you can always use lorem ipsum text hehe), you’ll have time to just focus on the website layout and how you want it to look. Most students built a portfolio, freelancing website or potential company website. You have complete freedom to build whatever the heck you want!

Institute of Code


Ok back to the food (I know this is what you are really concerned about).Three meals per day – ALL PREPARED BY A PRIVATE CHEF. I’m not a huge foodie so I didn’t take pictures of the food but man oh man, it was incredible. Also, I don’t think the food looked as amazing as it tasted. For breakfast, we usually had a choice between two different meals (something like eggs or pancakes vs chia pudding). Lunch and dinner are buffet style meaning it’s hard to keep yourself under control. It’s all beautiful wholesome foods but you definitely eat a lot. Everyone left happily bloated.

Biking in Bali

Lifelong learning is extremely important to me. Attending The Institute of Code is a brilliant way of upskilling while also being on holiday and enjoying every second. We’ve done our time in the fluorescent-lit classroom listening to a boring lecture. This is nothing like it. Whether you’ve been thinking of changing careers, adding a skill to your repertoire or just curious about coding – this is the way to do it.

Waterfall Bali

So if you are still reading this page and haven’t opened a tab looking at their website, I’m actually begging you now – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO. I’m convinced this will change your life. Here is another link in case you missed it the first zillion times.

Institute of Code

*Disclaimer: Not every course will be the same as mine and price will be subject to time, location, activities, etc. No matter what, I’m convinced you’ll have a kickass time. 

Please let me know, in the comments below or a message, if you have any other questions about my experience with The Institute of Code!

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    This looks so incredible! Definitely bookmarking their website! I would absolute love to do this in the future! xo

    • Reply Haley Johnson May 11, 2016 at 8:55 pm

      It was incredible! It was hard to write this post because we honestly did SO much. Definitely worth it! Thanks for reading Katerina xx

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