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  • always-go-first

    Always Go First

    Out of all the podcasts and inspirational shiz I listen to, someone once talked about the concept of, “always going first.” I started thinking about this all the time and decided to implement it…

    August 20, 2016
  • unity and strength

    For When You Feel Sad About the World 

    I have been filled with negative emotions lately. Our world seems like it’s in a social regression and I feel helpless. I’m heartbroken for lives that have been lost and outraged for those targeted…

    July 15, 2016
  • life-balance-pyramid

    The Life Balance Pyramid

    So it’s been a long time since I’ve had a post. My life has pretty much been taken over by internships and student government. Although, I can’t complain because it’s been an incredible summer.…

    August 12, 2014