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7 Tips To Survive Finals Week

December 14, 2014

Finals week is finally upon us. As I walk through the library I see tables filled with computers, textbooks, and caffeinated drinks. Students pulling all-nighters and then downing energy drinks just before their final. Tomorrow stress-ridden students will fill campus to take exams they believe will determine their fate.

Personally, I love finals week. Maybe it’s the change in schedule or the fact there isn’t class. Or maybe because all of my friends are located in one building (the library) and I can go socialize for hours on end. Either way, I typically stay stress free during finals week and I’m here to share some tips on how you can too. Most of these are common sense but college students don’t seem to use a lot of that.

1. H20
Water is so important!!! I understand that you think you need the caffeine from the coffee or energy drinks you have stocked up on, but water is the real MVP. Staying hydrated will help you keep focused and feeling much more alert. Water really does wonders for the body. In case you don’t believe me, read this article.

2. Sleep 
DO NOT PULL THAT ALL-NIGHTER. Manage your time so that you don’t have to stay up for hours on end. Use a planner and schedule break times. I know most of you don’t even get your eight hours during a regular week. Make sure to get at least seven to recharge your body and help your attention span.

3. Exercise
There is a wonderful wellness center on campus that you pay good money for – use it! Use the treadmill, elliptical, or stair climber. Jog around the track. Lift some weights. Do something that gets your heart rate up, you need at least thirty minutes per day! Exercise stimulates the brain, which is exactly what you need this week, isn’t it?

4. Eat Breakfast
It’s easy to wake up, throw some clothes on, and run out the door to your 8 AM exam. Take a little extra time to make a hearty breakfast, this is a great way to stay focused on studying. Oatmeal or eggs will keep you full throughout your morning. Grab an apple too! They have been telling us this for years: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t skip it!

5. Airborne
Airborne has been my savior this semester. In previous years, I would have already been to the doctor three times by now. When I feel like I am getting sick, I take Airborne 2-3 times per day and it has worked miracles on me. After about 20 minutes I can feel my body is more energized and focused. It’s amazing what vitamins can do for you.

6. Add Veggies & Cut Out the Sugary Snacks
Speaking of vitamins….eat your veggies!! I’m not sure if I even ate and vegetables my entire first two years of college. Now I do and I can feel the difference! This is another great way to increase your energy and lengthen your attention span. Also, cut out the candy, chips, pop, and energy drinks. Sugar causes the same reaction in the brain as it does with cocaine. So while you are trying to study, all you can think about is when you can get your next hit (or eat that candy bar). All the sugar will only bring you down.

7. Motivation
Take some time for a short break to keep your motivation up. Whether that is heading to a noon yoga class or listening to a new album to get you pumped up and ready to take on the world. It’s all about attitude!
Here are a couple of videos to get you motivated:

I may sound like your mom, telling you to get some sleep and eat your veggies, but I think we all need those reminders every once in a while. I encourage you to implement these tips into your life, not only this week, but every day. The importance of a healthy lifestyle is crucial to living a long and fruitful life.

Happy Finals Week!



*Copied from Haley’s previous blog Wonder & Chaos – 12/14/15*

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