6 Easy Ways to Change Your Life

April 13, 2016
6 Easy Ways to Change Your Life

I don’t think it’s a big secret – life is frickin hard.

We get so wrapped up in our own silly worries that we don’t think about how small we are.

In the scheme of things, we are so minuscule in this universe. We are one human, in one of seven continents, on one planet in one galaxy, in an enTIRE UNIVERSE! There could be life on Mars and I’m worried about that one embarrassing thing I said five years ago (ya know because that really matters).

Like I said before, life is hard. But does it really have to be? We spend time worrying about being involved with the right organizations or applying for jobs or if so-and-so thought we were smart or charming enough. All of these have one thing in common – our crazy, unruly mind. It’s just part of being human.

One thing I’ve found particularly helpful is meditation. If you’ve ever paid attention to the thoughts your brain has, it’s basically liked a caged rabid monkey. One second you’re thinking about the laundry you need to do and ten seconds later you’ve thought of two books you need to read, the ring you lost when you were ten years old, a funny meme you saw last week, oh, and you need to call your mom. Meditation has given me the tools to say, “Ok WOW – slow down – we’re gonna take a breather here (like we’re literally just gonna focus on the breath for the next five minutes).” I could talk about meditation for ages, which is why I didn’t include it in my tips. It’s too much. This paragraph makes me want to write more about it though, so you can expect a post on meditation coming soon!

Ugh I lost my brain again, where was I?? Oh yeah, life doesn’t always have to be hard. Life is beautiful and fascinating and there are so many ways to make sure you have a kickass experience on this earth.

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut – it’s part of life. For me, having a routine in my life is crucial to success. But if I have the same one for too long I get bored or annoyed with it. I think it’s because I know change is inevitable, which is why I’m always searching for ways to improve myself.

I realized I had some tips for people on small things they can change to make a difference in their lives. So I wrote them down into an eBook. Don’t worry, it’s not the usual ‘exercise and eat healthy’ tips you would normally find (ahem, those are two basic things you should already being working on).

Below you can download my six tips for making easy changes in your life. All of these are tried and true tips I use in my own life to increase my overall happiness. Of course, I struggle and fall out of habit with these, but I always come back to them because I know they work.

I’m so curious to hear about your experience trying these tips, so let me know how you get on with them!

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